Beloved man in the end what kind of watch?

2012 is a luxury in the take-off of the year, compared with women who consumerism in terms of the environment, the intensity of male luxury consumption in recent years has gradually catch up with women, watches and luxury cars is to make the rich men who sought after race identity symbol, then the face of an array of high-end watches, face a variety of complex new features and selling points, M billionaires in the end what kind of watch it love?Today Chinese luxury goods will be announced this answer.
What rich men to buy what?The answer is: Advanced watch.
According to Bain & Company statistics, in 2010 the High Quality Replica TAG Heuer Watches sales market of more than 19 billion yuan, of which 25,000 to 50,000 yuan of mid-priced watches are the main force to promote consumption.
So, today’s buyers in the selection of an advanced watch, we will consider what factors?
Daikin labor will always be a symbol of wealth
1, gold case
In Europe and North America, advanced  watches more buyers prefer platinum (alloy) case, because of its hardness and wear resistance to be stronger than ordinary gold.Men prefer bright pink and gold gold case.They like the feeling of golden light shine.

Luxury Index: ★★★★ ☆

Utility Index: ★★

Armani hollow form, taking into account the large dial fashion and luxury2, large dial

Today, the watch dial is becoming bigger and bigger, not because the functional needs, but buyers purely on the “big” and pursue careers.Even more interesting is that today is not only male, female buyers are even beginning to enjoy on the big dial watch, their average size has reached 38 mm (tradition, it is generally 36 mm or more is regarded as watch male table size).For men’s watches, the more than 43 mm dial is nothing new.

Luxury Index: ★ ☆

Utility Index: ★★★★

Chanel J12 ceramic watch
3, new material
This is one of more “avant-garde” trends, based on gold, buyers prefer those “ultralight” material watch, they are more comfortable to wear.Usually their case by carbon fiber forged with advanced ceramic surface, strap made of rubber rare in Southeast Asia, it is said that the value of the rubber is better than gold.

Luxury Index: ★★★

Utility Index: ★★★★

Classic round dial, classic Patek Philippe Ref.5960
4, circular dial
According to Sotheby’s auction house to statistics, more than 70% of the buyers like the circular surface of the watch.In second place was “bottled” or oval watches, square and other shapes at the bottom.

Luxury Index: ★

Utility Index: ★★★ ☆

Greubel Forsey is definitely a dark horse auction industry
5, a new flawless
For a country that has not yet established a traditional watch collection, a senior buyers will be particularly concerned about every detail of the watch purchased.In Europe and North America, some consumers may be able to tolerate small scratches and wear a watch to sell the premise must be “in good condition”, these finicky buyers watch for flaws attitude is definitely a “zero tolerance” .

Luxury Index: ★★★★

Utility Index: ★ ☆


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